Diva D Productions was formed in 2004 as the creative outlet of its founder, Julia Flint, who found that she liked to make short films with no budget in a limited timeframe. Under the 48-Hour Film Project (a contest where teams write, shoot and edit a movie in two days), Diva D Productions created six short films. Of them, "Valley PD Blue" was voted one of the Top Ten in LA and winner of an award for "best character," and "The Amoeba" was re-edited into a longer version that was an official selection in two film festivals.

Diva D Productions also produced the popular web series, “Cast This!” and its sister reality series, “Cast This! The Reality.”

UPDATE We are now raising funds to produce a second season of Cast This!, the popular comedy web series!  Click on the widget to the right to contribute -- thanks!!


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All these short films were created within two days.  Written, shot, and edited in a mere 48 hours....